Trainable by: Tinker, Librarian
Difficulty of training: medium
Better gain: without jewel (there are no jewelry for Tinkering)
Used Materials: Ingots, Regular Logs,
Glass/Sand, Clay, Gold Ingots,
Gems, Poison/Explosion Potions, Arrows
Used Stats: Strength, Intelligence
Used Tools: Tinker Tools
Title of the skill: Tinker
Delay: none


Tinkering has many items to craft and generally many ways of usage but the best part of the skill is crafting Magic Jewelry. You simply craft normal jewelry and they might come out magic – you will get a message if you’ll make one.You won’t be able to wear them before identifying them (Item Identification).To make magic jewelry you need at least 80% of Magery & Tinkering, gold ingots (at least 50% Blacksmithy is required to smelt gold) and gems. Tinkering for magic jewelry is completely random, you never know what will be created. There are 5 types of jewels:

  • +5% (Lesser)
  • +10% (Good)
  • +15% (Greater)
  • +20% (Glorious)
  • +25% (Godly)

If you have any unwanted jewelry you can’t get rid of, you can try either the Jewelry Vendor or Jewelry Exchange Stone.

Jewelry Vendor 

If you cannot sell a jewel for any reason, there is a NCP Jeweler Vendor (Thunder) who’s buying unlimited amounts of jewels at following prices:

  • +5(~2.000gp)
  • +10(~6.500gp)
  • +15(~13.000gp)
  • +20(~29.000gp)
  • +25(~41.000gp)

These prices may look crappy but for some jewels it’s the only way to make profit at all (some skills are just not used – no demand for jewels) The Jeweler Vendor can be found between Britain and Trinsic.

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Item Name Required Skill Resources Needed Used by skill
Alchemical Symbols:
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Alchemical Symbol 80% 20 Clay
Dart Trap n/a 1 Ingot, 1 Crossbow Bolt
Explosion Trap n/a 1 ingot, 1 explosion potion
Metal Box n/a 10 ingots
Metal Chest n/a 15 ingots
Poison Trap n/a 1 ingot, 1 poison potion
Flow Pots:
Flower Pot 12% 2 Clay
Large Flower Pot 20% 4 Clay
Bracelet n/a 1 Gems, 2 Gold ingots
Earrings n/a 1 Gems, 2 Gold ingots
Necklace n/a 1 Gem, 2 Gold ingots
Necklace (Golden) n/a 1 Gem, 2 Gold ingots
Necklace (Silver) n/a 1 Gem, 2 Gold ingots
Ring n/a 1 Gem, 2 gold ingots
Anvil Deed n/a 50 Ingots Blacksmithy
Forge Deed n/a 100 Ingots Blacksmithy, Mining, Tinkering
Candelabra n/a 4 Ingots
Clock Frame n/a 3 Regular Logs
Globe n/a 4 Regular Logs
Heating Stand n/a 4 Ingots
Key Ring n/a 2 Ingots
Lantern n/a 2 Ingots
Iron Key n/a 2 Ingots
Scales n/a 4 Ingots
Spyglass n/a 4 Ingots
More Parts:
Dovetail Saw n/a 4 Ingots Carpentry
Draw Knife n/a 2 Ingots Carpentry
Hatchet n/a 4 Ingots Lumberjacking
Mortar and Pestle n/a 3 Ingots Alchemy
Saw n/a 4 Ingots Carpentry
Scissors n/a 4 Ingots Tailoring
Scorp n/a 2 Ingots Carpentry
Sewing Kit n/a 2 Ingots Tailoring
Tinker’s Tools n/a 25 Ingots Tinkering
Basin 25% 3 Clay
Plate 15% 2 Clay
Barrel Hoops n/a 5 Ingots
Clock Parts n/a 1 Ingots
Gears n/a 2 Ingots
Hinge n/a 2 Ingots
Keg Tap n/a 2 Ingots
Sextant Parts n/a 4 Ingots
Springs n/a 2 Ingots
Statue 64% 12 Clay
Statue 60% 10 Clay
Statue 50% 10 Clay
Statue 50% 10 Clay
Statue 57% 13 Clay
Froe n/a 3 Ingots Carpentry
Hammer n/a 4 Ingots Carpentry, Macefighting
Inshave n/a 2 Ingots Carpentry
Lockpick n/a 1 Ingots Lockpicking
Pickaxe n/a 4 Ingots Mining, Macefighting
Shovel n/a 4 Ingots Mining, Cartography
Sledge Hammer n/a 4 Ingots Macefighting
Tongs n/a 4 Ingots Blacksmithy
Smith’s Hammer n/a 4 Ingots Blacksmithy, Macefighting
Butcher Knife n/a 2 Ingots Swordmanship
Cleaver n/a 3 Ingots Swordmanship
Forks n/a 1 Ingot
Knifes n/a 1 Ingots Swordmanship
Skinning Knife n/a 2 Ingots Swordmanship
Spoons n/a 1 Ingots
Small Vase 30% 3 Clay
Small Vase 25% 3 Clay
Large Vase 40% 5 Clay
Large Vase 35% 5 Clay

Note: “Required skill” – This is the minimum skill required to craft these items.



Tinkering is a bit hard to GM because gathering resources takes a while. If you could just buy them all then the skill would be easy to train. I’m leaving the part from 33-70% because it isn’t hard, let’s focus on Poison Traps (70-100%). Following items are needed to complete this part: 5500 empty bottles, 5500 Nightshades, 5500 Ingots of any kind. To make 5500 empty bottles you need 5500 of glass, which can be made from 11000 sand (a Shovel + at least 50% of Mining). To smelt sand you need at least 50% of tinkering, but don’t smelt more than 600 of sand at once, you’ll fail. Making bottles is very slow, 6 seconds for one bottle. When you’re done with bottles you’ll have to make 5500 poison potions of any kind (33% Alchemy is enough for lesser poison pots). The best choice would be to put 55 bags on the floor of your house, 100 pots in every bag. You cannot use kegs! If you have 55 bags with 5500 lesser potions inside, take one bag and 100 Ingots at once to your backpack, use tinker tools and choose 100 poison traps from the menu. Now you have to choose any container placed on floor and keep clicking it extremely fast (around 200 times) to trap and untrap it at once (bag, backpack or anything). You can also ask your friend for an easyuo script for this.


0-33% Vendor Train
33-40% Empty Bottles,
Clock Parts (not sellable)
40-45% Inshaves, Froe, Tongs
45-50% Tongs, Lockpicks
50-60% Lockpicks
60-70% Candelabras
70-100% Poison Traps